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The Blades purpose is something of a sham. The citizens of Mulmaster recognize them as the rulers of the city, but in truth the Blades only echo the desires of the High Blade. They may occasionally influence those wishes, but rarely can the High Blade be dissuaded. Unknown to the populace of the City of Danger, the Thayvians have flexed their political muscle and have installed several additional Blades in recent weeks. Where historically only sixteen Blades served at any one time, their number has bloated to nearly twice that amount with twenty- nine people holding that title now.
Most of the City Guard are members of the Soldiery that were unable to maintain that force’s strict performance standards. They are loosely organized and frequently abuse their power, choosing instead to toss a harasser or low-level criminal into an alley or the harbor instead of arresting them. Ostensibly, they serve to protect Mulmaster from internal threats but their disorganization often hampers these efforts, even among the loyal and capable members of the group.
The formidable mage Rastol Shan serves Mulmaster as the de facto head of the Cloaks. Where once this oppressive group sought to control the flow and practice of magic within the walls of the city, more often than not in recent days they have been working to weave their arcane talents in an effort to restore the ruins of their home. Members of this order, both long-term and new, have entered into an arrangement of mutual and intentional ignorance of the other’s actions; this has led to a few questionable incidents that resulted in unattended undead servitors being found wandering loose elsewhere in the city.
Led by Groshin Lor, the Hawks are an elite and highly-regimented military force in Mulmaster. They excel in subterfuge and stealth, often working so quickly that their targets cannot thoroughly process or evaluate what happened to them.
In better days, the collected forces of the Mulmaster army and navy were known as the Soldiery and they numbered well into the thousands. Since the Devastation, though, this number has tumbled and barely 500 remain. Despite this, they are well- trained and serve to protect the city from external threats to the best of their ability. They are actively dredging the harbor and hope to be able to re-open the docks within the next five years. High performing members of the Soldiery may be extended an invitation to apply for a position with the Hawks.
Within days of the attack, the Thayans made their intentions plainly known: they were going to rebuild this city. They repaired them embassy and erected nearby walls within a few short days, and then began working on the exterior city walls and nearby buildings. If asked, they simply respond that «Mulmaster has not yet realized its true destiny” or that they are «like you, here for the greater good”. This is a dramatic change for the wizards, and should you find yourself at the business end of a spell or undead monstrosity after dark…well, it’s probably too late.
Rumors abound that the Red Wizards are digging up ancient Netherese ruins in the surrounding countryside, and that the Mulmasterites are loathe to stop them for fear that the Thayans would remove the aid they are bringing. It’s a devil’s deal, but one that apparently needs to be honored.
Male human. The spymaster of the City of Danger is now in his sixties. In addition to leading the Hawks (the elite soldiers of Mulmaster and its interests around the Moonsea), Groshin Lor is also a proud member of the Lords’ Alliance. In his youth, he was tortured by Thayan interrogators and ultimately earned several vicious scars and lost three fingers, but over the years his charm and positivity has not waned. He wants to see Mulmaster’s identity preserved and strengthened, and is willing to take any needed actions to ensure that this happens. He often employs illusory effects to mask his deformities, but will sometimes leave them visible if he needs to make a certain type of impression upon one of his «guests”. Despite his involvement with the Hawks, he is sometimes referred to as «the smiling shark”. The increased presence of the Thayans in his city has him on-edge, but he knows that he cannot work against them without the full blessing of the High Blade.
Male human. As the High Blade, Selfaril has long enjoyed a lofty position in Mulmaster. That is not to say that he has not worked hard for his position and his constituents; rather, he has worked hard to maintain the illusion that he is a respectable leader and capable politician. In truth, Selfaril is a man of deep pockets and incredible means; he will not hesitate to lay low his enemies through the use of assassins and magic, and he is quick to heap rewards upon his allies and entourage.
Selfaril was a devout follower of Bane for many years, but the recent events have caused him to question his faith. He cannot fully extricate himself from that church due to their level of involvement in the daily operations of the city (which is by his own doing].
Though he once had a strong relationship with Rastol Shan and the Cloaks, in recent weeks he seems to have withdrawn from the mage’s company. The duties and responsibilities of leading Mulmaster have taken precedence, and the often-present Thayan Zulkir Dar’lon Ma counsels the High Blade on the ongoing rebuilding efforts. The High Blade still broadcasts that he is committed to rebuilding this city, but his attentions are spread amongst many projects now and it is not uncommon for graft and bribery to take precedence amongst the Blades now. Thanks to the destruction wrought in the city, his trust in the Cloaks is at an all-time low and he does not hesitate to employ Red Wizards when investigating any Cloak that he deems «dubious” or «strange.”
Male human lich. Rastol is a man that has seen much during his years in Mulmaster… mostly because he is a lich. As the most senior among the Cloaks of Mulmaster, he commands a significant amount of arcane power and has a small army of mages, wizards, sorcerer, and potent artifacts to back him
No one knows that he is undead, or that he is actually Thurndan Tallwand, the senior cloak at the time of Selfaril’s imprisonment over a century ago— even his peers among the Cloaks. He shrouds his true nature in powerful spells, as well as mundane means; heavy purple robes, an ornate mithral mask, and cloying perfumes.
His true motives are unknown to all but him, but outwardly he seems focused on the protection of Mulmaster and of magic itself; in recent weeks, though, he has had a curious and strained relationship with Zulkir Dar’lon Ma, a visiting dignitary from the Thayan Plateau far to the south. While he appears to accept many of the Zulkir’s views and decisions, those that know him can easily identify that he is uncomfortable doing so.
Female human. Now in her mid-thirties, Zora Culkin is a former Cloak that gave up the use of magic in order to better lead her family and house to success. No stranger to caution and suspicion, she has worked to improve the lives of the residents of Mulmaster in many different areas. She has taken a dim view of the increased Thayan presence in her city and quietly works to shore up her own resources «just in case”. She is often quite generous with adventurers as well as the residents of her various holdings. She is rarely seen without her enameled breastplate, ornate rapier, and cream-and- rose colored cloak.
Male human. Tall, dark-skinned, and broad shouldered, Dar’lon Ma is not your typical Red Wizard. He is friendly, boisterous, and appears to have a sincere interest in the betterment of Mulmaster. He is one of the normally-elusive Zulkir and unlike others his station, he does not hide behind his title while minions perform his work. When he is not brokering deals with other craftsmen in the city, he can be found with Rastol Shan, working on civic restoration plans in Southroad Keep.
His arcane tattoos are laced with runes, sigils, and symbols of enchantment, though if someone recognizes them he laughs loudly and proclaims that he «would not deign to cast upon a friend in the midst of parley”. The other Red Wizards silence themselves at his approach, and even Rastol Shan appears to defer to his judgement. Though he demonstrates a desire for goodness, there is definitely a core of something sinister beneath his blindingly white smile and words of friendship. He has a solid and productive working relationship with the High Blade and can sometimes be spotted sharing a meal with him at the Traveler’s Cloak Inn.
Several months have passed between the culmination of the Elemental Evil adventures, and the factions of the Moonsea have wasted no time in shoring up their resources and investments in the region surrounding Mulmaster. The City of Danger presents new opportunities at every turn, as old alliances are strengthened and new ones are forged.
The faction activities presented in the D&D Adventurers League Player’s Guide are still very much in effect and appropriate for continued usage. The city needs heroes—and villains—now more than ever.
Perhaps you have been drawn here by the rumors of employment during the rebuilding of the city, or maybe it was the whispers of raw elemental portals that remain open to this day. Whatever drew you here, there is certainly plenty to see and do—and if you proceed carefully, you may even live to spend that hard-earned coin!
The widespread leadership of the Emerald Enclave have become far more interested in the ongoing activities of the City of Danger ever since the devastation orbs detonated and laid waste to so much of the area. Elemental energies still run rampant through the city, and though some zones are merely small rifts to the elemental planes, several of them are large and gaping wounds to unexplored locales—and that potentially provide access to curious visitors that may not have the best interests of Faerun in mind. Additionally, the harbor has been reduced to a shallow muddy mire, and the wildlife in and around the Moonsea near Mulmaster has been behaving erratically.
The Harpers took the defeat of Mulmaster very personally. Those that remain in the city work diligently to protect the citizens that are unable to flee, and seek to keep a watchful eye on the growing interest of the Red Wizards as well as the Zhentarim. Should these two groups be allowed to develop unchecked, the Harpers would likely be unable to save anyone else in this area from the horrors and atrocities that would undoubtedly emerge from that alliance. With many of their allies dead, Those Who Harp must operate now, more than ever, in secret.
Many of the temples and shrines that once drew members of the Order of the Gauntlet to Mulmaster have been destroyed or dismantled, but there is still a strong reason to travel here: the people are hurting and need your help. Perhaps you have been drawn here because you’ve heard of the increase in the activity of the Red Wizards, or perhaps you were summoned here by other members of your order simply because the city needs to be rebuilt.
Whatever the reason, you are destined for great things and these people will surely benefit from your presence and leadership.
While within the city of Mulmaster, the Blades provide much of the same impact as the Lords’ Alliance does elsewhere in the world. Agents of the Alliance can often find easy-to-earn homes within the Blades’ retinue, and are commonly hired on as personal guards, confidants, or advisors. Though much of the city is in ruin, opportunity abounds and political power is the most valuable currency— though a few well-placed cutpurses can do very well for themselves here. Whether you stand to serve yourself or if you fancy yourself to be here for the best interests of the common people, the future is wide-open and ever-changing in the City of Danger.
Once, the Zhentarim held a sort-of folk hero status in the ghettoes to the east. This sentiment is long gone, now; the buildings are awash in raw elemental fire that neither abates nor diminishes. The Zhentarim are known to be in the city, but it appears that their activities are quieter than they were in the past. Opportunities abound for those Zhents that would take on jobs with shady cover, or are seeking out a no-questions-asked employment arrangement.
During the course of Elemental Evil (Adventurers League Season 2], characters may have had the chance to join the Cloaks of Mulmaster. This organization jealously governs the use of magic inside the city limits, and those caught casting arcane spells are given a simple choice: Joining the Cloaks, or face maiming exile, or even death.
Now that the Thayans are exerting their influence across the city, the goals of the Cloaks may be changing. But for now, everything appears to be business as normal. Maybe you’ve come back to catch up with your allies, or maybe you’re investigating the claims that the Thayans are twisting this group into something new; keep your head down and your wand ready!
Even with the Arcane Edict in place in Mulmaster, it is possible for characters to cast arcane spells and continue to thrive in this city. This is most commonly accomplished by joining the Cloaks; rules for this can be found in the «The State of Mulmaster (pre-Assault) & Cloaks tracking sheet», available on and linked earlier in this document.
This downtime activity does not exist in other materials. Should you choose to use it, you should take care to retain a copy of this downtime activity along with your log sheet in case the Dungeon Master or your fellow players have inquiries.
Mulmaster has been subject to significant damage. One time in between each of your adventures, you can travel to the City of Danger and donate your time for community service and rebuilding activities.
Choose a lifestyle; this represents the people that you will be you helping during your downtime. For every ten (10] days of downtime that you spend, you gain the effect listed. If your character is required to maintain a specific lifestyle, you are still free to choose an option off this table up to and including the lifestyle you are required to maintain. You may only receive a single benefit of this downtime activity once per adventure, regardless of the number of downtime days you spend.
Characters with the Persona Non-Grata story award may have a difficult time dealing with these downtime activities. If you have this story award, roll a d4 at the end of your downtime activity. If the result is a 1, you complete the activity but are captured by the City Guard; they put you to death unless you pay them 100 gp for each level of experience your character has. If the result is a 4, you complete the activity and the City Guard will waive this story award permanently if you pay them
2,000 gp.
Lifestyle &          Effect/Tenday
Wretched You have advantage on your next two (10 gp)              Charisma (Persuasion) checks made in
Mulmaster. Additionally, make a DC 8 Constitution saving throw. If you fail, you begin your next adventure with one level of exhaustion.
Squalid The hardworking but destitute people that
(15 gp) you work with shower you with affection.
You start your next adventure with Inspiration.
Poor      If you are good or neutral-aligned, the
(20 gp) people of Mulmaster reward you with a
spell scroll of remove curse for your efforts. If you are evil-aligned, you receive a potion of poison instead.
Modest The next time you spend gold on a
(50 gp) downtime activity in Mulmaster, the
people that you helped provide you with a thank you package worth 50 gp. Comfortable Upon completing this downtime activity at (200 gp)    this level twice, you are considered to be a
resident of Mulmaster. This affords you a 10% discount on the purchase of mundane, non-magical goods while in the City of Danger.
Wealthy              Your investment into the businesses of
(500 gp)               Mulmaster has helped to revitalize the
economy. You have begun to create contacts inside the city, and you have advantage on the next Charisma-based skill check that you attempt in Mulmaster. Aristocratic You earn two potions from the following (1,000 gp) list: potion of climbing, potion of greater healing, potion of resistance. This activity is only available to citizens of Mulmaster, as awarded above.
The city of Mulmaster has experienced a large amount of unrest and outright conflict in recent years. From the Time of Troubles to the Spellplague and beyond, strife is no stranger in this city.
The modern day is 1489 DR, meaning that most of the effects of the Spellplague of 1479 DR have been cleaned up and resolved. Lingering issues remain though: long-absent gods are returning to the world, ancient cults are changing their allegiances, and more. You are welcome—and encouraged—to explore this world and make it your own, but if you would like some fast inspiration you may wish to review the following resources:
Tiers 1 and 2
These adventures cover the events that build to the attack as led by the various elemental cults. Much of the information in those adventures is based on sources from earlier editions, and it is quite simple to backtrack the timeline here and play up the actions of the Cloaks, Hawks, Zhentarim, and other power groups.
Tiers 1 and 2
The Cults of Elemental Evil have been unveiled within the City of Danger and in retaliation, they seek to use the fundamental forces of nature to destroy it from within. Join your factions as well as the Blades, Cloaks, Hawks, and Soldiery alike in defending Mulmaster against those that would burn, crush, drown, and buffet it into oblivion. A special four-hour adventure for multiple groups of 1st-10th level characters.
Tiers 2,3, and 4
When a Thayan research expedition returns from the Glacier of the White Wyrm with only two survivors that can only whisper about an ancient pyramid under the ice, perhaps it is time to discover just what scares the life out of a nation of necromancers.
During the early days of development for the D&D Adventurers League, we—the admins, along with our very patient leaders Chris Tulach and Chris Lindsay—talked long and hard about how the AL would grow and change based on the actions of our players. We were able to put some of those goals into play during Tyranny of Dragons, but we really hit our stride here in Elemental Evil. Players and DMs were excited to report their successes and failures, and the Epic, Mulmaster Undone, saw the future of the eastern Moonsea region get reshaped in nearly an instant. Well, by «instant” we mean «a super crazy-busy 4-hour block at Gen Con 2015 along with other instances of this adventure”.
The results of the Gen Con installment of this epic adventure cemented what we had already feared based on the adventure’s status at Origins earlier that summer: the cults hadn’t won, but the city would be clinging to life by a thread. The battles were vicious and the magic explosive, but in the end, Mulmaster had indeed been undone. (I’m not even sorry for saying that!]
Of course, now that we’ve rolled out the Convention-Created Content program, Mulmaster truly belongs to the players, DMs, and convention organizers of the world. You’ve all shaped it; we merely recorded it.
Please treat the Mulmasterites gently; they’ve had a very tough time of it lately. Perhaps someday we will learn the truth behind the motivation of the Thayans, or possibly even the secrets that Rastol Shan desperately clings to, or—if we’re lucky—the true history of the High Blade and the curses that seem to follow him (or her, depending on the time in Dale Reckoning].
The entire D&D Adventurers League admin staff

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