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  • 12 июля, 2018
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While the merchant princes are happy to sell the items over which they hold monopoly, doing so can be time consuming. Characters wishing to purchase goods from the merchant princes must spend 10 downtime days arranging a meeting, negotiating prices, and coordinating for impartial intermediaries to accept, transfer gold during the transaction. At the end of the ten days, you may make one purchase — either a single permanent magic item, or up to their limit in other items (see, below). This downtime activity is available only to characters spending downtime during Tomb of Annihilation or Season 7 DDAL adventure sessions.Additionally, the following merchant princes have the following modifications to their entries:
This Merchant Prince has a small selection of magic items (p.25) readily available for a modest price. These items can’t be traded and the permanent magic items increases the character’s magic item count by one. The character may purchase a single item or no more than 10 pieces of +1 ammunition in a single transaction before she refuses the character further service.
Magic Shields and Weapons for Sale
ItemEkene-Afa’s Price
+1 ammunition (per piece) — 50 gp
+1 shield, wooden — 450 gp
+1 dagger or +1 yklwa — 500 gp
Ifan Talro’a.
Animals purchased from this merchant prince aren’t available as familiars.
Beasts for Sale
BeastIfan’s Price
Flying monkey, giant lizard, or hadrosaurus — 100 gp
Ankylosaurus, deinonychus, or flying snake — 250 gp
Triceratops500 gp
This soft-spoken Merchant Prince sells some of the most potent poisons in Faerûn. However, she is discriminating in her dealings. Characters may purchase no more than 2,000 gp worth of goods in a single transaction before she refuses the character further service.
Wakanga O’tamu.
This charismatic Merchant Prince sells potions and scrolls, but he frowns on those who might deny others the opportunity to enjoy his wares. Characters may purchase 750 gp worth of potions and scrolls in a single transaction before he refuses further the character service. The scrolls contain only spells found in the PHB.
Magic Items for Sale
Item Wakanga’s Price
Potion, common — 80 gp
Potion, uncommon — 300 gp
Spell scroll, 1st-level100 gp
Spell scroll, 2nd-level550 gp
If the characters complete Wakanga’s quest, the returned item in question is removed from the character’s magic item count, and the characters may choose spells from the PHB once their levels have been determined, as normal.

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