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DM Toolkit & Tips

The Map with 3 Hooks

Varied Quests

Providing Clues for a Murder Case 

Listening to Your Players


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Hit Effects

Alternative DM Screen

Collection of Useful Links

Life Hacks

DM Vault — An Incredibly Detailed Collection With Tables, Homebrew & Other Things

Organization Programs

The Metaquest

Difference Between a Good DM and Great DM

Running Horror Campaigns 

Elevating Your Voice Acting

Action Economy: Solutions

Using Cyphers In Your Games

An Alternate Random Encounter System

Tips For New DMs

Threads Of Wonder

Another Resource List (Apollonaut’s)

Campaign Design Practices

Yet Another Toolkit

Enhancing High Level Combat

Shadow Of Colossus Or How To Run Fights On Huge Creatures

Analyzing Adventure Structure

Creating Cults In 3 Easy Steps

Tracking Mundane Things

Tips For Running A Big Group

The Complete Hippo — Really Worth Checking Out

Body Language Cheat Sheet

Books As Treasure

Power Disparities

Weapon Upgrades

Building Better Villains

The Warm-Up Question

Improving Descriptions With Action Verbs

Fulvano’s Guide To The Wilds


Shadow Step RAI

Spell Area Of Effect In 3D Space

Magic Explained

Mobile Friendly Spell Look-Up

Generators & Tools

An All Inclusive Generator

Weather And NPC Generator

100 Potions

Character Generator

Fantasy Map Generator

Spellbook Generator

Random Potion Generator

NPC Generator

100 Side Quest Hooks

Experience Rewarding Table

Magical Item Generator


Side Quests

City Generator

Town NPC Generator

Blue Dragon Casino

Dwarven Port Metropolis

A List Of Shops

Tavern Menu


The Lost Lady Tavern

The Chastity’s End Tavern


12 Dungeon Rooms


Dark, Cloaked Figure

Atlas of Planes (incomplete)

Airship Encounters

Finding An Odd Dagger

Undead Encounter

Scholomance — A WoW Dungeon 

Mountain Encounters

Great Free Adventures

Monster Manual Encounters

The Hammered Gobbo

100 Forest Encounters

The Forgetful Wizard And The Doomsday Clock

One Page Adventures For Various Environments

Escape From Mechanus

Trolls & Stirges

Desert Encounter Seeds

The Infinite Library

100 Swamp Encounters

Puzzles & Traps

Puzzle Doors

Some Traps

Amazing Goblin Trap

Trap Building 101

A Handful of Traps

60 Puzzles

Making Traps Fun

Puzzle Ideas

Natural Traps

Obvious Traps

Lever Riddle


Book of Beautiful Horrors


Far Realms Aberrations

Revamping Ghosts

Hiding Your Phylacteries Here and There

Salvaging Monsters


Aboleth Encounter

More Aboleth Stuff

Rules For Harvesting Dragon Components


AD&D Monstrous Index — Amazing For In-Depth Monsters And Lore

Demon’s Souls Compendium

Outside The Manual: Aberrations

4 New Monsters For Deserts

Skip’s Guide To Monsters — A 3.5e Conversion

Evil Sister’s Compendium — Hags Revisited

Monster Hunter Series Monster Manual

Dragon Lair Actions & Hazards

The Monsters Know

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Monster Manual

Monster Spreadsheet

Ixor’s Manual Of Monstrous Findings


A Menagerie Of Cursed Items

The Legend Of Lurthas

Ankyla’s Almanac Of Amazing Artifacts

200+ Magical Items

Gem Based Magical Items

More Magical Items
Tinker’s Items


Send Me NPCs

Gods And Goddesses

NPC Names

Handling NPCs

Dominated Slime

NPC Details

Human Surnames

NPC Statblocks For Subclasses

8 Pirate Queens

Aarakocra NPCs

The Intelligent Barbarian


Commonly Missed Things

Character From 10k Years Ago

Breaking the Game

Interesting Ways to Use Items

Racial Slurs for Vicious Mockery

Different Character Sheet

Vicious Mockery Encore

Fillable Character Sheet

More Vicious Mockery

Undead Vicious Mockeries

The Level Up Checklist

Smart Barbarian Talk

Class Specific Sheets

Bag of Holding Spreadsheet

Creating Good Backstories

Improved Character Sheets

Hand Drawn Sheets For All Classes

Bard Spells To Guitar Chords

Custom GOOs

More Insults for Vicious Mockery

Alternate Sheets

Druid Wildshape Cards

Different Wildshape Cards

Condensed Rules

5 Tips For Playing Better Wizards

Gordon Of The Ram

The Grappler’s Manual

Thieves’ Cant Symbols

Amicable Patrons For Warlocks

Thieves Can Cant pt.1 & pt.2

20 Questions To Improve Your Backstory

Ash’s Guide To Character Personality


Map Generation

Sword Coast Map

Tal’Dorei Map

Another Map Of Tal’Dorei

Cool Capital City Map

400+ Photoshop Brushes For Creating Fantasy Maps

A Lot Of Battlemaps

Modular Roofs here and there


Archfey Shop


Fun Facts

Home of the Fey

The Midnight Revelry

Feywild Weather

Summer Festival In The Feywild

Guide To The Feywild

Faerie Tales

Fey Politics — Courts & Parlours

Hag Child

Scrying On The Fey

The Seldarine

Curse of Strahd

Revamping Ghosts

Castle Ravenloft Stair Key

Isometric Castle Ravenloft

Brides of Strahd

The Hound — A Revenant Ranger

Hand Drawn Map Of Amber Temple

Dark Gifts As Player Handouts

Khazan’s Tower Puzzle

Resurrection Vignettes

Plant Zombie Dragon Stat Block

Lady Wachter’s Cult Expanded

PWYW Abbot’s Journal

Soundtrack For Every Location

Wedding Plan

Running Strahd Properly

More Soundtracks

r/CurseOfStrahd (DM Only)

Curse Of Strahd Discord (DM Only)

Tomb of Annihilation

Plant Creatures

Mundane Jungle Events

Magic Items in ToA


Ultimate Foraging Table

Google Spreadsheet For Generating A Lot Of Stuff

Ominous Sights & Sounds In Omu

Making An Underdark Themed Jungle

ToA Resources

Enhancing Weather

Marred Seline

Bringing The Multiverse Into The Tomb
Revising The Hex Crawl

Wandering Monsters In The Tomb

Tomb Of Annihilation Discord

My Own Travel Rules For ToA

Storm King’s Thunder

Campaign Art

Some Notes

Improving Side Quests

Improving The Villains

Lost Mines of Phandelver

Improving the Villains

Party Hooks

Alternate Wave Echo Cave


Here Comes A Dragon

More Thoughts On The Dragon

Adapting The Adventure To The Tal’Dorei Setting

Some Resources

Props & Art

Inn Art

Flickering Lantern

Spell Scrolls

DIY Spell Cards (With Resources)

Symbols of Schools of Magic

Job Board

Tavern Food

A Field Guide to Chult Flora

Item Cards + Templates

Lots of Tokens

Winter Landscapes

Spell Slots & Spell Radius

Printable Spell Cards

Graveyard Props

Potion Props

Music & Sound

Bard Songs

Spotify Playlists


More Spotify

Custom Soundboard

Background Music

Even More Spotify

The Spotify Never Ends

Miniatures & Painting

Mini Painting — Where Do I Start?

3D Combat

Player Mini STL Files

Monster Mini STL Files

Painting Miniatures

More 3D Models


Temporary & Permanent Injuries

Resurrection Effects

Homebrew Collection

House Rules

Making Wands From Magical Wood

Creatures As Playable Races

Alternate Indefinite Madness

Seafaring Rules

The Alchemy Almanac

Cooking With Benefits
Falling Should Hurt

Broderick’s Compendium: Plants & Fungi

Tree Lore


Book Recommendations

Campaign Background Video

Kid Thinks of Stuff

Lonely Lich

On Nights When Players Can’t Make it

“Fuck the Darkness”

More Book Inspiration

Helping the Villain

Fooling Players

Using Weather and Famine


Unfinished 379 Page Campaign

Smart Wedding Wows

Loading Screen Tips

On The Great Wheel Cosmology

Books For Forgotten Realms Lore

Why You Shouldn’t Date A Dragon

The Creeping Sadness

Stuff On Coinage

100 Ways To Recharge Magical Items

Language Options

A Goblin Epic

Garg And The Sharpclub

Naval Space Battle

On Shadowfell

Medieval Medicine


Play a Tune to Find My Tomb

For When You Need a Quick Prayer

Fonts For Handwriting

Improving Your Roll20 Campaign


Language Learning App

Western Genre Module

Cool One-Liners

Do You Believe In Magic

Roll20 Title Screen

Mega-one-off with over 20 PCs

The Ten Commandments Of D&D

2500 Things Mr. Welch Can No Longer Do In RPGs

Achievements For Players

An In-Fiction Book On D&D Languages

Brothel Jokes

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