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  • 18 мая, 2019
  • - Комментарии к записи D&D Essentials Kit отключены

Также этой осенью выйдет Essentials Kit — новый взгляд на первое погружение в мир Dungeons & Dragons, включающий советы по созданию персонажей. Причем там будет вариант и для игры с одним участником помимо ДМа!

Дата выхода: 24 июня 2019 в магазинах Target в США, в сентябре по всему миру.

The Essentials Kit также содержит новое, 64 страничное, приключение от Криса Перкинса — Дракон Ледяного Шпиля, которое позволит партии получить достаточно опыта чтобы с первого уровня достичь шестого.

When it came time to talk about the Essentials Kit, Chris Perkins came on saying «I’m Chris Perkins, I’m a nerd.» Chris also can’t stop playing with the box. Nathan Stewart introduced Chris and licensing manager Liz Schuh as the «longest-running D&D employees» which…is questionable at best…
The Essential Kit features red dice, a new adventure (see below for details), cards for NPCs and more, and other bits including character creation rules. The dice also include two D20s (for advantage) and 4d6 (for rolling characters).
«Can you tell us anything we can find in that adventure?» Perkins: «…Fun.»
Adventure can tie into Lost Mines of Phandelver from the original Starter Set either before or after this one, though both are from levels one through four to six (depending on what the players do).
The Dice Set (mentioned above) for this adventure is custom dice in a velvet-lined box usable as dice trays and includes a map of Avernus that’s about 11×18 sized with other tiles involved for monster types, and a cypher key for translating Infernal to Common.
One of the cards included is a description of the food. After the MC Anna Prosser rolled, Perkins informed her that her food was delicious but every morsel had a face and screamed as it was consumed. Someone watched Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Warriors before writing that bit
They hired a puzzle designer to create legitimate puzzle boxes usable with the adventure, with a challenge to those at the event to solve it in under an hour.


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Приключение начинается в уже известном нам Фандалине и позволяет его смешивать с оригинальным стартовым набором.

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