4th level Transmutatiom

Range:  Touch

Components:    V, S, M

Duration:            Permanent

Casting Time:  1 action

Area of Effect:  The metal parts of any one item that is less than the caster’s own body volume in size

This spell serves to alter and protect metals. The caster touches one item, which may be crafted of any number of inorganic sub¬stances joined together but must not be larger in total volume than the caster’s body, and the blueshine instantly takes effect. Organic substances, such as glues, can be present in the object, but if they make up more than a tenth of its total volume, the spell fails. Any fractures or weaknesses existing in the item are purged, so that they are whole, look like new, and are free of blemishes. In addition, the metals are made more resistant to acids.

A blueshine spell also prevents future rusting and purges the metals of all oxi-dation, causing affected metal to revert to its former state, not merely melting rust away and leaving the item thinner or with gaps and holes. All metals treated with a blueshine spell glow with a deep blue sheen when they catch available light.

The material component for this spell is a small piece of cobalt blue glass or a chip of a blue-hued gemstone.

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