4th level transmutation

Range:60 ft

Components:V, S

Duration:1 round

Casting Time 1 action

Target: one creature or one item

This spell can be cast in one of two fashions. In the first version, dweomerflow is cast on a spellcaster by another being or by the spell- caster himself or herself. The spell causes the next spell the recipient spellcaster casts to be unaffected in casting and particulars but to flow from the caster into a prepared receptacle instead of taking its usual effect. No saving throws are required or permitted by the spell- caster or the receptacle. Appropriate receptacles include a focal stone, a crystal ball, or another item that can hold magics within itself, such as a magical item in need of recharging, crucibles tem¬porarily empowered by spells to accept enchantments, artifacts, and the like. If the item is destroyed or later affected by spells that force it to disgorge stored magics, the “flowed” spell is released then.

Dweomerflow creates a resonating field between the recipient spellcaster and the item to be infused with a spell. If the item is not present or not within range when the spell takes effect, the dweomerflow creates a ghostly swirling radiance which fades if an alternative item cannot be found or brought within range within the single round of the spell’s duration, and the spell is wasted.

The second version of dweomerflow allows the spellcaster to transfer charges or stored spells from item to item, such as a charge from one wand of lightning to another or a spell from one ring of spell storing to another. When this version of dweomerflow is cast, mak. If the sending item fails its saving throw, the dweomer- flow spell is ruined, but no charges or stored spells are lost. If the receiving spell fails its saving throw, the charge or spell being transferred is lost—sometimes with spectacular effects — along with the dweomerflow. In this version of the spell, the spellcaster must be touching both items involved to provide a “bridge” for the spell energy involved.

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