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+Малое кормило Чудесный предмет, очень редкий, требуется настройка заклинателем Задача этого богато украшенного кресла заключается в обеспечении движения и маневрирования корабля, на котором он установлен, в пространстве и воздухе, а также в воде или под водой, если корабль предназначен для водных или подводных путешествий. Корабль, о котором идет речь, должен весить более 1 тонны и менее 20 тонн. Ощущение того, что вы настраиваетесь на колдовской шлем, сродни эффекту мурашек, который человек испытывает после того, как рука или нога засыпает, но не так болезненно. Пока вы настроены на малое кормило и сидите в нем, вы получаете следующие способности, пока сохраняете концентрацию […]

#spell #3rd #mantle #magicitems #legendary #evocation #homebrew Cloaked in Art, we strode across Faerun like giants, our wizardry clawing at Mystryl’s Weave and propelling us to ever-greater heights of spellhurling. The Archwizards of Netheril they called us, and all trembled under our regard or hid from it like the smallest of scurrying ants. Yet, when the hubris ofKarsus doomed our greatest bindings, and the vaunted enclaves dropped from the heavens like so many fleeting raindrops, we took stock of what magic remained to us and hoarded it like the most avaricious of dragons. Of all the secrets of magecraft that […]

Candle of Everburning Wondrous item, common, ½ lb. Once lit, this votive candle burns continuously for 24 hours until you command it to be extinguished. Nothing else, including full immersion in water, will extinguish the flame. These candles often come in sets of 12. Source: Encyclopedia Magica   Flint of Fire Wondrous item, common, 1.6 oz. This fire is used to start magical fires. Flint of Cold Fire. If this flint is used to start a fire, the resulting fire will be cool to the touch. In addition, the flames can’t spread more than one foot away from where you […]

Weapon Charms Wondrous item A weapon charm is a small ornament fixed on a loop of string or chain. You can use your action to attach the charm on a weapon, usually on the weapon’s pommel, causing the weapon to become a magic weapon that requires attunement. Even if the weapon was already magical, you must attune to it again to gain the charm’s magical benefits, which are listed in the charm’s description. A weapon can only have one charm attached at a time. Bat (Uncommon). This obsidian charm appears like a shrieking bat. While attached, when you deal damage […]

Broom of Evercleaning Wondrous item, common This pedestrian magic item is in great demand, and thus far only the only source of them is the Order. They are magical cleaning tools – when a command word is spoken, the broom animates and vigorously cleans a 10 foot radius circle around its starting point, leaving a small pile to be collected later. This process takes only two minutes for the entire twenty foot diameter circle. The magic in the broom lasts for one year, and it eventually crumbles into its own swept pile of dust.

Dagger of Homing Weapon, uncommon These appear to be daggers of average heft, balanced for throwing. They all come with a leather sheath with a metal mouth, and the engraved designs on the weapon’s hilt flow down to the mouth of the sheathe – when it is sheathed, it is difficult to tell where weapon ends and sheathe begins. When the dagger is separated from its sheathe for more than a heartbeat or two, it immediately teleports back into its sheathe unless it is actively being held by the one who bears the sheathe. The bearer may also choose to delay this […]

Stamp of the Messenger Wondrous item, common (silver) or uncommon (gold) These stamps are made to order only, as they must incorporate the heraldry of the purchaser in question, and the Watchful Order is careful to work with the other Guilds and the Herald of Waterdeep to ensure that only legitimate persons are given stamps of official heraldry. There are two of these stamps: the more common silver, and the uncommon gold. Silver stamps are well-crafted wax stamps, with silver handle. When applied to a document, edges of an envelope or edge of a rolled scroll and the command word […]

Gauntlets Of Weaponry Arcane Wondrous item, rare These long, leather gauntlets extend far up the forearm. Silver stitching covers much of the leather, forming complex arcane runes. OR Heavy leather-and-silver gauntlets that cover the wearer’s hands and lower forearms. Ornate silver stitching decorates the leather armguards and fingers, and each link of the silver chainmail that reinforces the palms is etched with intricate runes. You gain bonus +1 to any weapon attacks with weapon you are wielding. Also your attacks are counting as magical for purpose of overcoming of damage resistances. NOTE: These gauntlets were crafted from dragonhide and decorated […]

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