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Warbeast template 5e  Abilities: Increase from base creature as follows: Str +3, Dex +0, Con +3, Int +0, Wis +2, Cha +0.  Speed: Same as base creature +10 feet.  Hit Dice: Same as base creature +1.  Attacks: Same as base creature (modified as appropriate for changed Challenge and Strength increase).  Damage: Same as base creature (modified as appropriate for Strength increase).  AC: Same as base creature +2  Special Traits: A warbeast retains the special qualities of the base creature and gains the following special trait.  Combat trained Mount : A rider on a trained warbeast mount gets a advantage on all checks to maintain control or not dropping from saddle. A trained warbeast is proficient with light, medium, and heavy armor.  Skills. A warbeast receives proficiency in Athletics & Perception skills.  Saves. A warbeast receives […]

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