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Заговор и заклинание первого круга предназначенные в первую очередь для воинов-магов. Молниевый клинок Заговор, воплощение Время сотворения: 1 действие Дистанция: на себя (в пределах досягаемости оружия) Компоненты: С, М (оружие ближнего боя) Длительность: 1 раунд Заклинатель заряжает оружие ближнего боя которое использовалось при сотворении заклинания и совершает одну атаку ближнего боя против существа в пределах досягаемости. При попадании, цель получает все обычные эффекты от попадания оружием и при этом заряд молнии может по желанию заклинателя перепрыгнуть на другое существо, которое видит заклинатель в 5 футах от первоначальной цели. Второе существо получает урон молнией равный модификатору заклинательной характеристики. Урон заклинания возрастает […]

4th level Transmutatiom Range:  Touch Components:    V, S, M Duration:            Permanent Casting Time:  1 action Area of Effect:  The metal parts of any one item that is less than the caster’s own body volume in size This spell serves to alter and protect metals. The caster touches one item, which may be crafted of any number of inorganic sub¬stances joined together but must not be larger in total volume than the caster’s body, and the blueshine instantly takes effect. Organic substances, such as glues, can be present in the object, but if they make up more than a tenth of […]

Azundel’s Purification 7th abjuration Range:10 ft Components:V, S, M Duration:Permanent Casting Time:1 action Target: One item or a volume of liquid or raw materials no greater than the caster’s body volume Similar to Obar’s lesser purification, this more potent spell destroys any curses, magical tracers linked to other spells or magics, and remnants of previous magics from a single nonliving item (which may be composed of any number of materials) or a single body of liq¬uid (in puddle form or filling a container). In addition, Azundel’s purification expunges any existing wizard spells or special spell-like abilities imposed by a wizard […]

4th level transmutation Range:60 ft Components:V, S Duration:1 round Casting Time 1 action Target: one creature or one item This spell can be cast in one of two fashions. In the first version, dweomerflow is cast on a spellcaster by another being or by the spell- caster himself or herself. The spell causes the next spell the recipient spellcaster casts to be unaffected in casting and particulars but to flow from the caster into a prepared receptacle instead of taking its usual effect. No saving throws are required or permitted by the spell- caster or the receptacle. Appropriate receptacles include […]

5th level transmutation Range:Touch Components:V, S, M Duration:Permanent Casting Time:1 action Target:1 clear or translucent gemstone of crystalline structure no larger in size than the caster’s balled fist This spell transforms the internal structure of a clear or translucent gemstone of crystalline structure no larger in size than the caster’s balled fist to enable it to receive and hold a spell dweomer (usually cast into it by use of a dweomerflow spell). At the time the spell is cast, make Intelligence (Arcana) check vs DC 18. Success means that the spell is successful; failure destroys the gemstone. The gemstone glows […]

2nd-level divination (ritual) Casting Time: 1 action Range: Self Components: V, S Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes You can make the hidden auras of magical spells and items visible to all, rather than personally viewing them with detect magic. When cast, the spell reveals all magic within a 20 foot radius as radiance, and you may move around an area while the spell is active, as it remains centered on you. The magic does not differentiate between different intensities or types of magic when used thus. Anyone may choose to study a source of magic within the revealed area […]

Для своей кампании по Глубоководью для персонажа волшебника вместе с игроком переделали архетип Loremaster-а из Unearthed Arcana сделав его более сбалансированным за счет применения существующих механик. Lore Master. Starting at 2nd level, you become a compendium of knowledge on a vast array of topics. You become proficient in your choice of two of the following skills: Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion.Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of those skills.In addition, your analytical abilities are so well-honed that your initiative in combat can be driven by mental agility, rather than physical agility. When […]

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