Киборги и Чародеи

Киборги и Чародеи

Наркотики в Королевствах

Автор: Антон «Palant» Палихов

Drugs of the Realms

Drugged (Condition)

  • A drugged creature is affected by the drug in their system. Each drug has different mechanics.
  • A drugged creature may make a save against the effects of that drug at a regular interval, with the first save being made at the first interval after the drug was imbibed.
  • If this save is failed, the drug’s effects persist, but the DC is reduced by 2 for each interval afterwards, cumulative, until the save is made.


Alchemical • 10 gp per dose When ingested, alindluth deadens all pain and prevents shock and nausea effects for a few minutes. There are no known side effects, but if the substance is used too soon after first exposure (or in too large a dose; dosages vary by body volume and weight), it induces a short-duration coma.

  • Type:Ingested •Save:Constitution DC 13 •Interval:Ten minutes
  • Effect:The user feels no pain or systemic ills.
  • Until First Interval:The user reduces all damage (except psychic) by 1 point.
  • While in Effect:The user gains advantage on all Constitution saves.
  • Overdose:A user that takes a second dose within three hours of the first must make a Constitution save DC 14 or suffer the Unconscious condition until the first interval.
  • Addiction:None


Alchemical • 20 gp per dose Upon contact with bare skin, chaunsel makes the affected area extremely sensitive for up to about twenty minutes. It is often used by thieves or others working in darkness, applied to their fingertips to make them able to feel tiny details, seams, and such. Overdosing causes days of numbness in the affected area.

  • Type:Contact •Save:Constitution DC 12 •Interval:Ten minutes
  • Effect:The user’s sensitivity spikes, causing an increase in tactile awareness.
  • Immediate:The user suffers 1d4 psychic damage.
  • While in Effect:The user gains advantage on Intelligence (Investigation), Wisdom (Perception), and on thieves’ tools checks.
  • Overdose:A user that takes a second dose within twelve hours of the first must make a Wisdom save DC 16 or overstimulate his nerves, suffering 2d6 poison damage and taking disadvantage on all Intelligence (Investigation), Wisdom (Perception), and thieves’ tools checks for 1d4 days.
  • Addiction:Low (Wisdom)


Natural • 25 gp per dose Named after a wizard from Neverwinter, haunspeir is sold as a tobacco-like paste or dried in a pill form. It is used by wizards and others who need to rapidly boast their intelligence.

  • Type:Ingested •Save:Constitution DC 12 •Interval:Fifteen minutes
  • Effect:While on haunspeir, a user’s intellect and cognition spike, with nose-bleeds as a side effect. During this time, the user’s skin is very sensitive to sharp injuries, causing them to bleed viciously.
  • Immediate:1d4 points of psychic damage.
  • Until First Interval:Advantage to all Intelligence ability checks and +2 to Intelligence-based spell save DCs.
  • While in Effect:All slashing and piercing attacks against the target deal an additional 1 point of damage.
  • Overdose:If more than one dose is taken in a 24-hour period, the target immediately suffers 2d4 points of psychic damage (no save), Save DC increases by +4, and the side effect is doubled.
  • Addiction:Low (Wisdom)


Natural • 3 gp per dose Also known as “Thrallwine”, Jhuild is a dark reddish brew made from certain grapes, fruits and herbs grown near Surmarsh. Slaveholders and overseers use this drink to to strengthen captives engage in hard labor while dulling their wills and minds.

  • Type:Ingested •Save:Intelligence DC 15 •Interval:One hour
  • Effect:While on jhuild, a user is jumpy and nervous, finding relief and distraction in hard physical labor.
  • Immediate:1 point of psychic damage.
  • While in Effect:Advantage on all Strength ability checks and saves for the duration.
  • While in Effect:The imbiber is fearful and extremely susceptible to suggestion, suffering disadvantage to all Wisdom saves while under its influence. Creatures gain advantage on their attempts to use Intimidation against the imbiber.
  • Overdose:None
  • Addiction:None


Magical • 40 gp per dose Sold as a stimulant powder or beige-colored jelly, Kammarth is made from the combination of a rare forest root and an Underdark fungus. It causes a temporary increase in speed and reaction time.

  • Type:Contact or ingested •Save:Wisdom DC 10 or 13 (ingested) •Interval:Fifteen minutes
  • Effect:While on kammarth, a user feels a sense of boundless energy and well-being.
  • Immediate:Gain a +10’ bonus to Speed for 1d4+1 rounds.
  • While in Effect:Gain advantage on Initiative checks.
  • While in Effect:Those on kammarth are very trusting, apt to see the best in everyone. This gives anyone using Deception or Persuasion against them advantage on those checks.
  • Overdose:If more than one dose is taken in an 8-hour period, the user suffers the 1d4 points of poison damage and the Paralyzed condition until they overcome the second dosage. Using it more than three times in any 24-hour period causes 4d4 poison damage, increases the interval to one hour, and inflicts the Paralyzed condition until they overcome that dosage.
  • Addiction:Medium (Constitution, Wisdom)


Magical • 50 gp per dose Also known as “Dragonskin”. Imported from the distant Kara-Tur, this drug was developed by an order of fighting monks of that land. It is a brown paste that hardens the user’s skin. Because of it’s side-effects it was rarely used duing training, but was saved for times when the monks expected a great battle.

  • Type:Contact •Save:Constitution DC 18 •Interval:Thirty minutes
  • Effect:While on katakuda, a user’s flesh is toughtened, though this gives away to wracking pains and spasms.
  • Until First Interval:User gains resistance 3 to bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing attacks.
  • At First Interval:1d4+1 points of poison damage.
  • After First Interval:User suffers disadvantage on Dexterity checks and saves.
  • Overdose:Additional doses taken within a tenday of the first dose increase the DC by +2 per dose, and reduce the damage resistance by 1 per dose.
  • Addiction:None

Mordayn Vapor

Natural • 100 gp per dose Also known as “Dreammist”. Made from roughly ground leaves of a rare herb found in southern forests, Mordayn is so potent that it is made from steeping a small amount into boiling water and then inhaling the vapors of the resulting tea. Raw Mordayn power and Mordayn-tainted water are a deadly poison; taking the powder directly or drinking the tea produces an immediate overdose.

  • Type:Inhaled •Save:Charisma DC 17 •Interval:Thirty minutes
  • Effect:Exotic visions of incredible beauty enthrall the user, but when this wears off, the user’s life seems drab and futile, instilling in him the desire to recapture the transcendent beauty of his trip.
  • Until First Interval:Stunned condition.
  • Ending:The user must make a Wisdom save DC 15 or fall under a compulsion to do whatever is necessary to repeat the dreammist dose. This lasts for 1d4 hours before fading.
  • Overdose:If two doses are taken within an hour, or if raw mordayn powder or mordayn tea are ingested, the drug acts as a deadly poison (Ingested • Constitution save DC 16 • 2d10 poison damage and poisoned condition for 24 hours; half damage on successful save). Mordayn users often throw out the tea as soon as they inhale and make sure that only one dose is available at a time in order to make sure they cannot overdose on the deadly drug.
  • Addiction:High (Wisdom)


Alchemical • 10 gp per dose Also called “Phantomdust,” Oruighen is made by refining rare cacti found in the alkaline sands of Azulduth, the Lake of Salt. It is a gray, fine-grained dust normally carried in small paper envelopes. It can temporarily blind and disable anyone unfortunate enough to inhale a pinch, and is popular with rogues and assassins who want a quick way to discourage those who interfere with their work. Phantomdust is normally employed by casting a pinch in an opponent’s face (performed as a normal attack, with proficiency if the character is proficient with improvised weapons or a poisoner’s kit).

  • Type:Inhaled •Save:None •Interval:2d4 minutes
  • Effect:The victim suffers from extremely painful stinging in the nostrils and eyes.
  • Immediate:Inhaler must make an immediate Constitution save DC 14. If successful, there are no effects.
  • While in Effect:Victim suffers the Blinded condition.
  • At First Interval:Effect ends, with no save necessary.
  • Overdose:None
  • Addiction:None


Magical • 125 gp per dose This herb was well-known in the time of Netheril, but its secret was lost when that empire fell. Some merchants have re-discovered the drug, and rescued small amounts of it from oases in Anauroch, beginning to sell it in small quantities.

  • Type:Ingested •Save:Constitution DC 10 •Interval:One hour
  • Effect:Panacolo’s leathery-tasting leaves attune the user to the Weave, and boost the power of arcane spells. They make the user ill-tempered and surly, however.
  • While in Effect:Increase the spell save DC of all arcane spells cast by the user by +1.
  • While in Effect:The user takes Disadvantage on all Charisma ability checks.
  • Overdose:If a second dose of panaeolo is taken within an hour of the first, the increase to the spell save DCs becomes +2, but the drug also gains the following:
  • Immediate:The user takes 2d6 psychic damage that cannot be healed until the drug’s effects have worn off.
  • Addiction:Low (Constitution, Wisdom)

Redflower Leaves

Natural • 150 gp per dose These crushed leaves of a tiny red bog flower native to Cormyr, Sembia and the Dragon Coast are known for their ability to improve hand-eye coordination.

  • Type:Ingested •Save:Intelligence DC 10 •Interval:Ten minutes
  • Effect:The user’s hand-eye coordination becomes sharpened, but he tends to miss anything happening beyond his immediate point of attention.
  • While in Effect:The user may take a bonus action to focus on an enemy. He gains advantage on his next attack against that creature, as long as that attack happens in the same or next turn.
  • While in Effect:The user suffers disadvantage to all Intelligence (Investigation), Wisdom (Insight), or Wisdom (Perception) checks.
  • Overdose:Taking a second dose before the first has worn off causes the user to take the Poisoned condition for the next hour.
  • Addiction:Low (Wisdom)


Alchemical • 25 gp per dose A spicy red fluid with a bitter after-taste, Rhul (also known as “Battlewine”) causes increased physical prowess and aggression at the expense of caution and agility.

  • Type:Ingested •Save:Wisdom DC 14 •Interval:One minute
  • Effect:The user attacks wildly, hitting enemies but uncaring of attacks against him.
  • Immediate:The user gains 5 temporary hit points.
  • Until First Interval:The user has advantage on all Strength-based attack rolls.
  • While in Effect:Enemies have advantage on their attack rolls against the user.
  • While in Effect:The user must make a Wisdom save DC 14 to choose to make ranged attacks against a foe. On a failed save, the user instead rushes to get close to the enemy, or chooses another target with whom he can immediately engage in melee combat.
  • Overdose:If more than one dose of rhul is taken in a period of one hour, the user takes 1d6 points of poison damage, and suffers disadvantage on Intelligence and Wisdom checks for 24 hours.
  • Addiction:Medium (Constitution, Wisdom)


Alchemical • 250 gp per dose Better known as “Twilight Mind,” this sweet, oily concoction of wines, rare tree saps and certain herbs is only manufactured in Thay and Mulhorand. It protects the user’s mind and thoughts.

  • Type:Ingested •Save:Wisdom DC 12 •Interval:One hour
  • Effect:The user is dazzled by the strange sensation of the drug, but enjoys a period of immunity to mind-probing afterward.
  • Immediate:User suffers the Stunned Condition for one minute.
  • While in Effect:User cannot be detected by effects that read or alter thoughts or emotions. The user cannot even voluntarily permit such contact.
  • Overdose:If the user imbibes a second dose within twelve hours of using the first, the Immediate effect instead lasts until the first interval. Each additional dose taken within that same period extends the duration of the Stunned condition an additional interval.
  • Addiction:None

Sezarad Root

Natural • 35 gp per dose The sezarad is a broad, vivid flower with a short, briddle root. When chewed the root breaks into soft splinters (like a carrot). It increases vitality.

  • Type:Ingested •Save:Constitution DC 12 •Interval:Ten minutes
  • Effect:The user feels a surge in his health and vitality, but common sense and perceptiveness are dulled.
  • Immediate:User gains 10 temporary hit points.
  • On a Failed Interval Save:The user gains 10 temporary hit points.
  • While in Effect:The user takes disadvantage on all Wisdom ability checks and saves.
  • Overdose:None
  • Addiction:Low (Constitution)


Alchemical • 100 gp per dose When injected (it must reach the bloodstream), this mixture of particular creature venoms causes complete “system shutdown” in mammals. This means that breathing is suspended, the body temperature “holds,” the need for oxygen ceases, bleeding stops, any internal bleeding and tearing is healed (unless fresh wounds are induced), acids and toxins suspend their operations on the body, and the recipient loses consciousness. In effect, the body is placed in stasis. Certain little-known arcane and divine spells can force release from “tansabra sleep,” and there are rumors that certain rare gem powders and herbs can shock someone out of tansabra sleep, but otherwise, an affected being emerges from the effects of tansabra at a random time. Creatures in tansabra sleep don’t heal naturally, and magical healing doesn’t affect them. Repeated exposure to tansabra can kill an individual, but how much exposure is lethal varies randomly from being to being. A lethal dose is not related to the amount of the drug administered — it depends on a person’s tolerance for the number of distinct times his body undergoes the effects.

  • Type:Injected •Save:None •Interval:None
  • Effect:
  • Immediate:The user gains the Unconscious condition; the user appears dead to all non-magical examination. The user may immediately spend up to half his available hit dice as healing, but can benefit from no other healing, magical or otherwise. This condition lasts for 1d6 days.
  • Overdose:Each individual has a secret number of times they may enter into tansabra sleep; the DM rolls a single die, of the type that is the largest hit die for the creature in question when it first if affected by this drug. This is the maximum number of times the creature mayeverenter such sleep; when it uses tansabra one time more than this limit, it enters the sleep and then dies in 1d4 hours.
  • Addiction:None


Natural • 3 gp per dose This fat, red leaf releases a milky juice when chewed. The juice is an analgesic, and is sometimes used by people suffering from extreme or chronic pain. Addicts who seek to numb their senses and submerge themselves in a drug-induced stuper use it in greater doses.

  • Type:Ingested •Save:Constitution DC 10 •Interval:One hour
  • Effect:The user’s pain sensitivity is numbed greatly, at the expense of his energy.
  • While in Effect:The user gains damage resistance 1 against all attacks that inflict bludgeoning, slashing, piercing, and force damage.
  • While in Effect:The user suffers disadvantage on Dexterity ability checks and saves.
  • Overdose:If a second dose is taken while the first is still in effect, it causes a numbing stupor for 2d4 hours. The user suffers the Poisoned condition, with the additional effects of halving the user’s speed, and allowing it to useeitheran action or a bonus action during its turn but not both.
  • Addiction:Medium (Wisdom)


Alchemical • 50 gp per dose Known as the “Bloodfast,” this is a bitter white powder usually compressed into a tablet. Ziran is manufactured from several Underdark fungi by the drow. Its secret has reached the surface, and some alchemists have begun to cultivate farms of the appropriate mushrooms.

  • Type:Ingested •Save:Constitution DC 15 •Interval:One hour
  • Effect:The user’s reflexes and precision are sharpened, but afterwards, the user suffers a sense of detatchment or out-of-body experience, as though they were watching themselves from a distance.
  • Immediate:User suffers the Stunned condition for 1 round.
  • While in Effect:User gains advantage on Dexterity ability checks and saves.
  • When Effect Ends:User suffers the Poisoned condition for 1d3 hours afterward.
  • Overdose:For each additional dose after the first taken within 24 hours of the first, double the duration of the Poisoned condition, and reduce the Save DC by 2.
  • Addiction:High (Constitution, Wisdom)

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